8 Reasons to Include a Veranda for your Home

When you visit most homes, you won’t miss seeing a veranda. The veranda is a front, rear or side extension of your house. Usually, it is partly open on sides and supported by pillars. Most homeowners customise the shape and design of their verandas to suit their needs. Erecting a veranda is one of the best ways to add beauty and value to your home. 

Below are extra reasons why you need a veranda for your home;

1. An extra room 
Every family delights to have an extra living room. That’s what a veranda provides. The extra space can serve various roles. Whether you want some quality time or dine together as a family, it suits the purpose.

Due to the partial concealment, it provides a safe playground for the children. At the end of their play time, the kids find a safe place to store their toys. Your living room then won’t have to be littered with their play items.

2. Complements the aesthetic of your house
A house without a veranda appears as incomplete. When you install a front structure to your house as an extension of its interior design, its overall appearance improves. Moreover, there are various styles and materials to choose; wooden cantilever, hardened traditional glass or cast aluminium. When you dedicate the construction of your veranda to an expert, the result is a matchless beauty. In fact, it then becomes the focal point of admiration in your garden for any visitor.

3. Adds value to a property
In the real estate industry, a patio contributes significantly to the overall cost of the property. The veranda enhances the beauty a well as doubling up as an extra room. Ask any property evaluation Company, and you will understand why you need a veranda to your home. It adds a significant value when calculating the net worth of your home. Furthermore, with the enhanced appearance you stand a higher chance of finding a suitable buyer.

4. Suitable for hosting a group event
A well-maintained veranda provides an ideal space for hosting a social gathering. For example, you may wish to throw a garden party or entertain your guest. With a customised feature it becomes convenient. There is plenty of fresh air for everyone. With a rain proof roof cover, your party won’t be cut short by rain. Include portable outdoor speakers, and you have the right setting for a party.

5. A quiet escape room
With kids playing around, the house environment can be very distracting. However, you might require a quiet moment to reflect and complete your work. You need a place where the family members won’t exert pressure on you nor interfere with your concentration. A veranda, therefore, becomes ideal.

6. Enjoying the outdoor environment
If you have ever tasted the severe heat during summer, then you understand why you need a veranda for your home. When the heat intensifies and staying indoors becomes unbearable, the veranda becomes a comfortable relaxation place. It gives the best point for enjoying the fresh wind as you sip a drink. As for the furniture, pimp it with gliding chairs or swing beds, and you can lounge comfortably.

Even the cold night can’t deter you from lazing outdoors. You can make it cosier by incorporating candles and heat lamps.

7. Helps in cooling your house
When the sun rays directly penetrate your living room, the temperature becomes unbearable. Staying in such an environment then becomes uncomfortable. You will then have to employ the air conditioner. However, when you strategically position your veranda, it shields the sun rays considerably. That means a cool house and less expense for running the air conditioner.

8. Raised point to watch over your kids
Most kids enjoy playing games for example soccer in the garden. As a parent you wouldn’t be happy to lose focus on your children. A veranda then becomes the best-raised platform to watch over your kids as they play on the lawn.

So following the above reasons, you should appreciate why you need a veranda for your home. Erect an attractive veranda and boost the sale of your house. The veranda is an integral part of your property. So when you decide to install a veranda, call for professional assistance.