8 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Be Eminent In 2022

Indeed, kitchens have always been important parts of our homes. There is no denying the fact that we spent a majority of our time in our kitchens during the pandemic making a different variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now that kitchens have become so close to our hearts, why not give them the look that they deserve? Everyone knows, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which makes it crucial to decorate your kitchen with your style and taste in mind. However, before starting the renovation, don’t forget to understand all the latest trends in the world for design. It will offer you ample insight on how you can refresh the most beloved space in your home. In this blog, we have covered everything, from rich cabinets to luxurious tiles. It will help you find an idea that speaks to your budget and aesthetic.

Top Kitchen Design Trends

  • Colorful Cabinetry

People nowadays are moving away from an all-white look and adding a more personal touch to their kitchens by incorporating bold and colorful cabinetry. You can add wood cabinets for warm and neutral hues or you can go with painted cabinets to add a pop of some color! Get adventurous; go with soft blues, emerald greens, and smokey charcoals to brighten up the space.

  • Tiled Treatments

A strategically placed tile is an unparalleled option that you can go with. How about giving a tile treatment to your window jam? They are easy to clean and they protect your walls from spills and splashes. They come in a lot of shapes, styles, and colors. But don’t rush it! Make sure you get the best product that completely matches your personality and style.

  • Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets or walk-in pantries are increasingly becoming popular this year. They allow more efficient storage of your groceries, packaged goods, and other kitchen equipment along with a smarter use of your space. Instead of splurging on extra cabinets, walk-in closets or pantries provide an elegant design solution to your storage needs. What’s more? Well, even a sleek and narrow pantry will provide you with more space as compared to a row of cabinets without intruding on the main space of the kitchen.

  • Proper Lightings

It’s now time to move away from purely functional lighting such as bulbs in traditional bulb holders because modern light fixtures with both aesthetics and functionalities are going to be the show-stealer. Think about installing hanging lights, floating lights, and modern minimalistic chandeliers in your kitchen. You can also include open sources of natural lighting such as large windows and skylights.

  • Storage Galore

Design trends this year keep in mind the storage needs of homeowners. Excessive cabinetry has now become out of date because floating shelves, wall racks, and hooks are becoming increasingly famous among people. Moreover, rustic storage fixtures that allow storage in open are also making an appearance in a lot of modern kitchens. This year is all about smart storage!

  • Cottagecore

We are sure you have heard about the word cottagecore either on social media or a web page recently. Basically, they refer to an aesthetic that focuses on the elements of rustic and rural life. It has reached mainstream media and it is becoming eminent in the year 2022. Kitchens that will incorporate cottagecore will feature rustic elements of interior design such as the use of bricks, unpolished stones, copper and metallic elements, and mismatched crockery.

  • Multifunctionality

It is important to have multifunctional spaces in your kitchen that can be used for different purposes. Multifunctionality will be the new way of today’s modern kitchens. From hardware with multiple uses to efficiently planning and then using storage areas with a designing layout plan that can accommodate several people at a time is something we all should focus on.

  • Glass Partition

Want to split spaces without compromising on the light or the feeling of togetherness? Why don’t you try glass partitions? It will also help to contain smells in the kitchen area. A glass partition defines the area and creates the illusion of a space without having to include a fully open plan. Moreover, it offers architectural interest while providing a backdrop for a piece of furniture as well.


People are now trying to make their homes look cozier, colorful, and personalized by incorporating the styles and trends that best suit their lifestyles and preferences. Gone are the days when template modular kitchens from a template were the preferable options. 2022 is all about creating your own unique space. If you are also looking to give your dull kitchen a shakeup this year through kitchen remodelling in La Jolla, then get in touch with the experienced team of House to Home today and bask in the glory of your entire new kitchen that is uniquely made for you!