7 Tips for a healthier office environment

Being healthy is not a one-time choice, but rather, a lifestyle that one chooses to adopt. In fact, there are so many advantages to being healthy that listing them all down would be tantamount to writing a 2000 word essay!

That being said, one of the major areas that really prove challenging for one to obtain optimal health is the office.

Not only can the office prove to be a stress-inducing location, but also does not do very well in terms of promoting a positive eating culture.

Most work/office cafeterias rely on easy to whip meals that at times, are borderline junk food.

That being said, here are some simple ways to make the office a much healthier environment!

Hello, plant life!

Researchers haven’t quite put their finger to it yet, but the presence of indoor plants has shown to greatly minimize stress levels at the work place. Perhaps it’s the leafy green allure that just makes one stay calm and relaxed; who knows?

That being said, ensure to go for resilient plants so as not to kill the more sensitive ones such as orchids and bonsais.

Get some of that naturally light in

It’s 9am in the office and the morning sun creeps into the office with all its majesty. Such light is extremely beneficial when it comes to boosting those vitamin D levels. Not only this, but it also helps in maintaining some of the body’s regulatory processes.

Perhaps it’s high time one moved their desk closer to the window; who knows, it might just be saving one’s life? If the sunlight is too bright, security films can be installed. This way, employees get enough vitamin D but are also protected from the UV rays. Window security films are much sought after glass tinting in commercial buildings. Companies like Riot Glass (https://www.riotglass.com/commercial/) can be approached for more information regarding this.

Get that stand-up desk

The research doesn’t lie; sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time is detrimental to one’s health; both short term and long term.

That being said, stand-up desks are the new revolution that is helping people avoid the unhealthy factors of a sedentary workplace.

Changing the workplace diet

Why not trade in that burger and fries for a healthy, whole meal sandwich? Or even some natural orange juice to wash down the sandwich. Remember, meals high in sugar is a no-no zone at the office. So watch out for those delicious pastries that come rolling in; boy, can they be sumptuous but deadly!

Yes, take a break

Unbeknownst to the master, even the donkey occasionally takes a break between long, back-breaking hours. That being said, a human might not be a donkey, but strongly requires that occasional rest period to clear their minds, and to rewire their systems.

In fact, for sedentary workplaces, it is recommended that employees take a break every 40 minutes.

That being said, a healthy office environment is a collective choice. Input from all employees will ultimately make the office a stress-free zone!

Hence, for more info on optimal health both at the workplace and at home, get comprehensive advice from Health Row.

Make the workplace chill

After a long day’s work, one ought to relax. So it’s not always wise for employers to be so draconian about the workplace to the point that it affects the health of the employees.

In fact, employees should be allowed to unwind a little. Perhaps some soothing jazz music towards the end of the workday can lift the moods of the employees as they head home. Or maybe organize a party for them once in a while!