6 Myths and Truths about Breastfeeding

Dear Mommies,

Our journey to become moms is filled with plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings, because we often spend all our time focused on caring for ourselves, we forget to educate ourselves as much as possible on parenting! After all, most of our friends and family think we have already mastered this.

Here are my six favourite myths and truths about breastfeeding, most of which I thought about while enjoying some of the best casino sites online. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and feel free to link to any other info that you find particularly helpful.

MYTH #1: It’s hard and unpleasant

Maybe for the first 2-3 weeks of breastfeeding, but not for long! Your nipples might be sore and swollen, but it’s actually just your body adjusting to the breastfeeding process. These issues tend to ease a lot quicker the more time you spend nursing your baby. Eventually, these parts of your body stop hurting and are able to recover much more quickly than if you were just feeding them a bottle!

There is no doubt, breastfeeding does hurt a little bit, but you will just need to figure out what the worst thing that happened while breastfeeding you was. Personally, it was the blow of a few really hard nipple pricks.

MYTH #2: A woman can’t breastfeed if she has had any surgeries

Wrong! The reality is that it is possible for you to nurse after you’ve had any kind of surgery. For instance, if you had surgery on your breasts and are pumping to get rid of extra breast milk, breastfeeding will help them to heal more quickly. This is a great way to relieve some of the swelling in your breasts.

MYTH #3: If you don’t feed the baby during the day, it will have a horrible appetite

Wrong! Lots of babies have a very weak appetite in the first few weeks of life. Remember, that breast milk is the most nutritious food for babies and as you can imagine, the natural food your baby needs is the most nutritious food for you. Feeding your baby will keep them healthy and strong. If you don’t have enough milk during the day to satisfy them, the next best thing you can do for them is to feed them often.

MYTH #4: The end of breastfeeding is the same as the end of breastfeeding

Wrong! It’s possible for some moms to nurse up to 15 months! Remember that as long as your child is healthy and happy, you can and should continue to breastfeed them. Remember that if your baby starts losing weight, nursing should be limited, and if your baby stops gaining weight, your milk supply is probably too low.

MYTH #5: Breastfeeding is boring

Not really. Being a new mom can be a very boring and stressful experience. That’s why it is so important to find yourself a support system. Look for new mom groups that are breastfeeding-specific. Or join a new mom’s group or meet up with your local breastfeeding counsellor. Find other moms who have experienced what you’re experiencing.

MYTH #6: You have to feed the baby at the same time every day

Wrong! Again, feeding schedules tend to change and vary, depending on the age of your baby.