The 50 best business blogs

Some of the biggest corporations have been forced to review company policy after campaigns by bloggers.

Internet blogs are taking on big corporations and winning. As the bloggerati continue to set the agenda Times Online provides the first full list of the 50 top blogs, corporate and anti-corporate alike. This list is a work in progress – scroll down to let us know your suggestions.


1. Stumbling and Mumbling

The dismal science has delivered several very readable bloggers. Chris Dillow combines political polemic with more whimsical matters. Recent post: “Why is West Indian cricket so bad? Here’s a theory – only a partial, tentative explanation. But it’s an overlooked possibility. It’s because the players’ names are unusual.” Read the blog

2. Freakonomics

Steven Levitt, the University of Chicago economist, and Stephen J Dubner, the New York Times journalist, carry on from where their bestselling book Freakonomicsleft off, “exploring the hidden side of everything”. Recent post: “There are recent studies of the death penalty – most bad, but some reasonable – that find it has a deterrent effect on crime.” Read the blog

3. Marginal Revolution

“Truly open borders would put an unbearable strain on the cultural foundations of American liberal democracy; many of the immigrants themselves would be the biggest losers.” Read the blog


4. Going Private

Billed as the “sardonic memoirs of private equity professional” and written by an anonymous author who says: “I spent five years manoeuvring to land, by hook or by crook, a coveted position in private equity. After all that, I may or may not live long enough to actually regret my decision.” Recent post: “There are certain moments when a good antiperspirant is simply critical. Perhaps your husband comes home early. Maybe Third Point acquires 8.5 per cent of your common stock while you are on vacation in the South of France.” Read the blog

5. Capital Chronicle

On the iSoft saga: “That not everyone who shits on you is your enemy and not everyone who gets you out of the shit is your friend have been useful guides in this ongoing soap.” Read the blog

6. Beehive

The blog of Steve Bee, head of pensions strategy at the Royal London Group. Was involved in the so called “battle of the pensions blogs” with James Purnell, the Minister for Pension Reform. It adds: “Steve achieved notoriety some years ago by becoming the only person ever to have submitted a paper in evidence to a Commons Select Committee in cartoon-strip format.” Read the blog

7. Abnormal Returns

A daily directory of investment reports, comment and rumour. Read the blog


8. House Price Crash

The name says it all. Sample quote: “To have an idea of the timing of the crash in the UK, look at the Irish market example. Very nice charts . . . soon showing in our country!” Read the blog

9. The Rat and Mouse

Spleen from unhappy house owners. “Remember the scandal of the drive-by surveyors, charging up to £1,000 for a compulsory remortgage valuation, but failing, even, to shift from second gear . . . it might even be worse.” Read the blog

10. Consumerist

A US blog that promises to allow “shoppers to bite back”, though it will offer praise when fitting: “ShopLego is super nice about sending you out new Legos for free when your mail truck plunges into a gorge.” Read the blog

11. Just Food

Blog on the global food industry. Asks questions such as whether “food miles are sufficient in measuring the environmental impact of food production.” Read the blog


12. Fastlane

The embattled General Motors has sought to blaze a trail on the blogging front, deploying heavyweight executives including Bob Lutz. “I am not bored with blogging, far from it,” the vice-chairman recently wrote. “And I’m not going to let the comments of an extreme sub-set turn me off to it, either. I will continue to do it, whenever I can, and as long as it seems people want to read it. And by the way, GM thinks its blogs are a success, too, and will forge ahead with all of them and more.” Read the blog

13. AG Blog

Frank news on aerospace sector. Sample headline: “Saudi Typhoon deal was dirty – are you surprised?” NB: Main blog requires a subscription. Read the blog

14. Have Your Say

Set up by a disgruntled Land Rover owner. “I have never suffered such contempt from any manufacturer,” says one contributor. Read the blog


15. Dr Crippen – NHS Blog Doctor

“Dr Crippens” experience as a GP working for the NHS. Sample comment: “Massive litigation could force companies to leave the vaccine business, threatening the future of one of medicine’s greatest achievements.” Read the blog

16. Pharmalot

One entry: “Rosemany Johann-Liang, the FDA medical reviewer who was punished for pushing a black box warning for Avandia, left the agency Friday, becoming the latest in a string of staffers to feel the heat for refusing to back down on safety issues.” Read the blog

17. PharmaGossip

Promises to “look beyond the spin of Big Pharma PR”. Read the blog


18. The Tin Basher

The award-winning company blog of Butler Sheetmetal, a small fabrication shop “in the darkest recesses of northwest England”. Read the blog


19. Mark Cuban: Blog Maverick

Written by Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and chairman of HDNet, the cable network. “What else is there to do while I sit here in the Cayman Islands relaxing and enjoying every minute of it than ponder the NBA (National Basketball Association) Lottery.” Read the blog

20. Who Ate All The Pies?

Football blog. “Shove! Ouch! Gulp! That’s the sound of David Beckham ramming the words of his Real Madrid overlords down their throats.” Read the blog


21. Tom Glocer

Despite his sporadic posting habits, the Reuters chief executive gets an honourable mention as one of the few FTSE 100 chief executives to blog. Read the blog

22. Byrne Baby Byrne

By Colin Byrne, of Weber Shandwick. On the Olympic logo: “If your initiative attracts bad headlines and thousands of people take to the blogosphere as ‘badvocates’, it could be described as a PR disaster.” Read the blog

23. Richard Edelman

PR man Richard Edelman’s blog. “There is no place in PR for spin . . . We are in the business of presenting reality . . . ” Read the blog

24. Seth Godin

By Seth Godin, the marketing guru. “The web has billions of pages. You’ll see so few of them over your lifetime that the percentage is almost unmeasurable.”


25. White Sun of the Desert

By Tim Newman, “a British expat living on Sakhalin Island, married to a Russian, and doing what I’m told”. Sample post: “Yesterday I sat from 8am until 4pm in a decrepit old Soviet classroom attending what was described as a training course in industrial safety. In actual fact, this training course was no more than a Russian bloke reading out Russian Federation Law No 116 line by line, in Russian, and then pausing whilst it was badly translated into English. The training course cost $375 per person.” Read the blog

26. Commodity Trader

From coffee to gold, news and comment from the commodity pits. Read the blog

27. Oil Change International

Anticorporate site protesting about the oil industry. Read the blog


28. Wal Mart Watch

One of the anticorporate blogs that look to dominate the retail sector. Sample headline: “Wal-Mart still selling Nazi T-shirts.” Read the blog

29. Tescopoly – Every little hurts

“The Tescopoly Alliance is calling for a block on any new takeovers by Tesco or other major supermarkets.” Read the blog

30. Amazon bookstore blog

A group blog written by staff at, the world’s biggest online retailer. Read the blog

31. Seeking Alpha: Retail

Markets news, mostly US-focused, on the retail sector. Read the blog


32. Square Mile Law

“A blog by a law student soon to be in a training contract at a City firm.” One entry reads: “If a bank assigns a large number of law firms to its panel, these firms are unlikely to want to jeopardise their income by acting against that bank.” Read the blog

33. Overlawyered

“When Sacha Baron Cohen accepted his Golden Globe award for Borat, he famously thanked all the Americans who hadn’t sued him ‘so far’.” Read the blog

34. The Becker-Posner Blog

As heavyweight as blogs come, written by Gary Becker, the Nobel-winning economist and Richard Posner, the prominent US judge and legal theorist. Read the blog


35. The Ticket Collector

As in retail, the transport sector is overrun with disgruntled customers. “To top it all, as with all bank holidays, Notwork Rail has decided to improve the track and completely shut down the line.” Read the blog

36. Going Underground

More trivia than hard corporate news, but often amusing. Sample post: “Some of you might be familiar with the ‘If Germany had won the war’ Tube map.” More transport woes aired as “a bunch of libertarians try to get around London. Read the blog


37. Scobeleizer

By Robert Scoble, a former Microsoft employee who often criticised the company, accruing credibility for himself and his employer on the way. Read the blog

38. Jonathan’s Blog

By Jonathan Schwartz, the chief executive of Sun Microsystems, the first blogger to receive an official comment from the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read the blog

39. The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

A parody, but so good, the real Steve Jobs reads it. “Okay, I must return to meditating before the big speech. Much love. Namaste. Peace out. Let’s stay positive.” Read the blog

40. Boing Boing

Boing Boing is the world’s most linked-to blog, which is often seen as a measure of authority. It’s a group blog which reports about technology, media and culture. Read the blog

41. Buzz Machine

Written by Jeff Jarvis, the tech and media commentator, a complaint from whom was enough to persuade Dell to review its customer service policy. Read the blog

42. TechCrunch

By Michael Arrington, whose scoops include Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube last year. Read the blog


The blog Dell launched to speak to its customers. Read the blog


44. Charles Dunstone’s Blog

Charles Dunstone gets a mention, although the Carphone Warehouse chief executive spends much of his time apologising for problems rolling out his “free broadband” service. Read the blog

45. ABI Research: Wireless

Analyst comment on the telecoms sector. “I would like to comment on Arun Sarin’s (Vodafone chief executive) remarkable rehabilitation with the investment community.” Read the blog

46. NT Hell

“For information, help and advice that NTL [now Virgin Media] technical support or customer services forgot to give you”. Read the blog

47. The Mobile Weblog

More mobile news, including analysis of the much-anticipated Apple iPhone. Read the blog


48. The Energy Blog

Tagline: “The Energy Revolution has begun and will change your lifestyle.” Lively blog about all kinds of alternative and green energy sources. Read the blog

49. CleanTech Blog

Dedicated to news and comment on “next generation energy”. Read the blog

50. Gas Guide

A blog from the Guides Network, which offer consumers tips on how to cut bills Read the blog