5 Tips for Fireplace Maintenance

A working fireplace has the ability to create a warm and cosy feel in any home, which is why they are such a desirable feature for homebuyers. Throughout the winter months, a blazing fire in the hearth can provide the comfort needed to get through the cold weather, but when the sun begins to shine it may be time to do a little upkeep. As nice as fires are, they inevitably produce large quantities of smoke and soot, which must be regulated if you are to keep them out of your home. Here are 5 top tips for maintaining your fireplace.

  1. Stain Removal

If you want your fireplace to remain in top shape, then a little elbow grease will be required. Using a soap and water solution and a wire brush, you can scrub any fire or soot stains from the interior of your hearth to keep it looking spick and span.

  1. Ash Removal

Removing the ashes from your fireplace should be something that you maintain year-round. A build-up of any more than a couple of inches is liable to start working its way into your carpets and furnishings, so it is best to stay on top of this task as much as possible. You can use a shovel to remove the majority of the ashes and then vacuum up any excess afterwards.

  1. Chimney Maintenance

Although you cannot usually see inside your chimney, it’s certainly not a part that you want to forget about when it comes to fireplace maintenance. You should have your chimney checked regularly to ensure that it is not getting clogged with leaves or debris. Milborrow Chimney Sweeps offer a professional service for both cleaning and maintenance. This is definitely a job best left to the professionals, as it requires the correct tools and safety training. It is essential to have your chimneys checked on an annual basis in order to remain safe, as the build-up of by-products from fires can create a coating which is liable to be flammable if left for too long. In between inspections, be sure to do your own regular checks to watch out for any build-up of debris or animals which may have adopted your chimney as their home. You can use a torch to peer inside your chimney and if you have access to your roof you can check that the grate has not become blocked. Furthermore, you may want to make sure that your roof is properly maintained so that the chimney isn’t blocked with any debris. If you’re not sure how to do this, you could contact a Residential Roofing company to assist you.

  1. Use Seasoned Wood

Well-seasoned wood which has been dried for a minimum of six months is essential for a fire which burns bright. It also produces far less soot than green wood, making it essential for your fireplace’s upkeep. You may also want to use kiln-dried firewood that may have zero amount of moisture and fungus, which helps the fire to last longer and burn cleaner without much smoke. You can look for vendors offering firewood for sale at reasonable prices and stock it for the coming winter. Besides this, if you really want the fire to start quickly, then use some heating oil as well. They can be good agents of fire starters. Hence, it would be a good idea to get hold of a fuel delivery firm near you like Romeo’s Fuel (they are known to have monthly payment plans to help customers source fuel at an affordable price).

  1. Keep Logs Dry

If you are burning real firewood in your hearth, then it is important that you store your logs so that they remain completely dry. They should be well-protected from rain and dew in order to ensure that your fire burns properly.

Whilst fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your home, they must be maintained properly in order to ensure safety and cleanliness. By staying on top of regular checks and cleaning, you can guarantee the integrity of your fireplace.