5 Popular Books of 2017

There are many interesting books from great authors that have been released since the beginning of 2017! They all bring a whole mixture of emotions and deal with different kinds of intriguing topics. If you like reading about interesting subjects, then you would most probably enjoy the Community Blog section at Luckypantsbingo.tv. Here you will come across countless various thought-provoking and fascinating blog articles covering subjects ranging from DIY tips to Bingo tricks. This is also where you will find the story about two great and iconic characters known as Betty Ball and Luke Pants.

Here are some of the must-read books in 2017:


The debut novel of Julie Buntin is finally on the shelves of bookstores and it is called Marlena. This book has been referred to as ‘primal’ and it tells the story of Marlena, a 17-year-old girl and her friendship with Cat who is 15-year-old. This consuming and ill-fated story happens in the town of Northern Michigan, the very same town where Buntin lived in her childhood. It recalls how families lived using food stamps and the harsh winter where kids couldn’t sky or have other leisure activities. It also tells the story of how they dealt with the advances of men and what happened in the woods. The main part of the story is about the special bond between Marlena and Cat, and how it shaped who they are.


Startup has been written by Doree Shafrir and it is the story of various tech-savvy characters such as Mack McAllister, Katya Pasternack and Sabrina Chloe Blum. Mack is said to be behind a mobile app known as TakeOff and he is quite nervous about how to fund for his new project. Katya is a journalist who is on the lookout for the latest sensational story. Sabrina, on the other hand is a mother of two and the social media manager of TakeOff. When some news go viral, each of the three character discovers the many facets of being famous. This story exposes the obsession of many with technology and will surely make many reflect their own lives.

Somebody with a Little Hammer

Mary Gaitskill is a popular short story writer who has been coming up with great non-fictional essays for more than 20 years. Somebody with a Little Hammer is her new book and it talks about the personal stakes of the 90’s debates regarding date rape, politics, and her views on the artistic approach of Updike, the speech of Sarah Palin for the Republican National Convention in 2008. Whatever the topic of the subject, Gaitskill comes with her unique compelling and incisive views for each out them.

The Hello Girls

Written by Elizabeth Cobbs, The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers is a fantastic book where you will find the inspiring struggle of the first official women soldiers in the U.S. This book will take you back in France in the year 1918 where 223 female soldiers were sent to supervise the telephone switchboard structure, as it was relatively a new technology. The book focuses on the women’s right movement pivotal moments and provides a compelling and authoritative narration of its foundations.

Bear Town

Frederick Backman is a Swedish author who is widely known for his novel known as ‘A Man Called Ove’. Now this author is back with a new tale that is mainly based on a tiny secluded town. The whole community of this town have placed their fate in the hands of the local junior ice hockey team known as Bearstown. They hope to promote their town and get recognition when the team play for the semi-finals of the National Championship. An attack at the end of the match sends the town into distrust and their community life takes an unexpected turn.