4 Ways To Ease Your Kids Colds

Cold season is upon us, and for those of us with kids, it’s upon us in an even bigger way. Since kids are germ magnets by nature, putting everything into their hands, mouths, and not washing their hand regularly, it can be easy for them to catch just about every germ that’s floating around.

While there is no quick fix to make it all better, there are ways to ease their discomfort. It’s never easy seeing your little ones suffer, but there are ways to try to make them feel more comfortable. Here are some of the best things that you can do for your kids when they are feeling under the weather which will reduce their symptoms.


It can be difficult to breathe depending on what kind of strain your little one has. Improving the air conditions for your child when they are having respiratory issues can help them sleep at night. This can be done by using a vaporizer at night which will allow their lungs to take in more oxygen and clear out the phlegm.

There are some all natural vaporizers which can be used with all natural essential oils, or you can opt for something like a Vicks vaporizer which will use the menthol balm to clear the air. These can be especially helpful for kids who have coughing fits at night.

Hot Baths

A hot bath is often just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing quite like getting into a hot tub with bubbles and steam and feeling all of the aches and pains fade away. Not only can they ease aches caused by flu, they can clear your nasal passages from colds.

For extra comfort, you can add all natural oils or even a bath bomb which can make the experience fun and sensory. Since kids are naturally playful, a fun bath may lift their spirits despite feeling lethargic from their symptoms.


While there is no magic medicine which can make a cold go away instantaneously, there are certain medicines and supplements which can ease the symptoms and encourage healing faster.

Herbs like ginger and garlic can be extremely beneficial for the common cold, and can be turned into supplements at home with the help of the required herb and some empty gelatin capsules (look at this now for an example). Although they should be made only after proper consultation with a physician. Getting chewable multivitamins can also be a way to encourage the immune system to battle the illness faster. And medicines like Advil or Tylenol made for children can help ease the discomforts.


When kids are sick, their appetites tend to go away. It’s important to keep their energy up so that their bodies can battle the infection. Therefore, soup can be a great way to keep healthy foods going into their body, without making them eat too much.

A hearty soup can be sipped slowly and packed with all sorts of healthy ingredients.