4 Ways To Babyproof Your House

Having a new baby is something that will require you to buy a lot of new things you never imagined you would need. Suddenly your house will start to accumulate toys, bouncing chairs, and gadgets you never even knew existed. Once your baby starts moving, you will need even more things to ensure that they don’t get injured.

Some new parents aren’t sure what to anticipate when the time comes that their babies start crawling and getting into everything. Here is what you will need in order to babyproof your house when that day comes.

Baby Gates on Stairs

Stairs can be extremely dangerous for babies on the move. You should protect against falls by installing a baby gate at entrances to any stairs. This way you can rest assured that your baby isn’t going to suddenly hurt themselves.

Babies are known for their quick movements, making it crucial to ensure their safety at all times. Instead of constantly worrying about potential injuries, it’s essential to take proactive steps to eliminate risks. Keeping this in mind, it would be ideal to reach out to an expert offering handyman services in Redwood City (or your local area) who can install a sturdy and reliable stair gate in your home.

Rubber Corner Guards

When your baby starts standing and eventually walking they will be initially wobbly. They will take a lot of tumbles and falls which are usually harmless. However, when their fall occurs near a sharp edge they can easily fall into a corner and take a serious hit to the head.

Rubber corner guards for tables which are at the level of their head will help minimize the risk of getting bumps and bruises. These are usually sold with sticky tape and can be taken off the edges when they are older.

Door blocks

Little hands and fingers risk being smashed or squeezed in doors. Babies love to close and open doors so slamming their hands is a common injury. In order to minimize this risk, you should install door blocks on the edges of doors which will block the door from being able to close completely.

Installing these foam blocks will make sure that you won’t have to deal with any broken fingers or hands as you let them wander freely discovering their new mobility.

Cupboard Locks

As babies develop and grow so will their curiosity. Babies love to open drawers and cupboards and pull out the contents inside. This can be stressful for parents who have dangerous items like chemicals, sharp knives, or anything which could hurt a child if they had access to it.

Cupboard locks are great for ensuring that your little ones are restricted from opening drawers and cupboards, however adults can still easily open them with a simple click.

You should install these in the kitchen and bathroom where you keep potentially dangerous cleaning solutions as well as anything else that isn’t safe for babies to come into contact with.