4 Tips For Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

As a parent, there is nothing more that we would like than to be able to raise stable and emotionally healthy children who will, in turn, become the same as adults.  What better contribution can we make to the world than to create happy and healthy people who bring positivity into society.

No parent is perfect no matter how much they might try.  There is no rulebook that comes with your newborn baby that works for everyone.  Each human being is a unique vessel of thoughts and emotions which won’t always produce the same results when approached with a certain technique.  However, there are a few things that commonly work for most humans.  Studies show that by doing the following things you will have a much higher chance of creating a solid little person.

Practice Communication

It is crucial to practice communication with your children.  This means talking to them every day about how their day went or what they are feeling.  You can talk about things as simple as the weather or what they had for lunch.  The important thing is making them feel as if they are listened to and have someone there to speak back.

You want to encourage them to be honest with you in case they start experimenting with drugs, or have questions about intimacy.  The more you welcome the lines of communication the less likely they are to fall into bad behavior.  When they feel comfortable coming to you for guidance they will be much more confident about the world around them.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Rather than pointing out everything that they do wrong or incorrectly, try focusing instead on everything that they do right.  By shedding light on their positive traits rather than the negatives, they start to build a bigger confidence about themselves which will carry on to adulthood.

Studies show that positive reinforcement encourages children to avoid negative behavior patterns much more effectively than constantly pointing out their shortcomings. Give it a try and you will find that you have much more emotionally stable and confident children.

Physical Touch

It’s true that a hug or a pat on the back really can make everything better.  Children who are regularly cuddled, hugged, and given physical affection are proven to perform better in school and have a sunnier overall disposition.

Humans are not unlike many animals in the wild who also require physical affection from their mothers from birth.  Without touch and love, a human can start to develop serious emotional distress.  Give your kid plenty of hugs and you’ll see a big smile for a long a time to come.

Spend Time Together

Spending time with your children is important for their confidence.  If they feel ignored or lonely at home, then this behavior could carry on to their social life outside of school as well.  The result could be an antisocial adult with anxiety around others.