4 Reasons Intense Exercise is Bad for Your Health

Everybody knows exercise is useful. It speeds up the metabolism and helps prevent a variety of diseases, such as diabetes and obesity. However, if you spend too much time in the gym, you risk many negative consequences for your health.

  1. Risk of Injury

Training injuries can lead to complications. Severe fractures, frequent dislocations, sprains, torn ligaments – all these unpleasant things can happen if you work out excessively. Boxing is the most dangerous in this regard. There’s even a special condition called “Boxer’s Dementia”, which develops slowly, after numerous blows to the head. The most dangerous blows are knockouts – these are so strong they lead to a temporary loss of consciousness. Yet, these physical injuries are frequently dismissed by people as muscle sourness. However, if not treated, it may result in long-term pain in their muscles or joints. As a result, if you believe you’ve injured yourself during an intense workout, you may want to see a physical therapist who can address the underlying issues causing the pain. It might not only relieve pain, but it can also help you make changes to avoid future problems. Physical therapy is often enough to treat an injury and get you back in the game.

  1. Risk of Hemorrhoids

Increased pressure inside the abdominal cavity leads to increased pressure in the pelvis, and to compression of the veins which divert blood-flow from the rectum. As a result, blood accumulates in the veins and they expand. The more intense and long-lasting the impact, the greater the expansion of the veins. With frequent excessive workouts, hemorrhoid nodes can form. This is a serious problem, which requires a lot of research. Check out Dr. Andrew Lodzinski’s blog: http://www.thrombosedhemorrhoidsinfo.com.

  1. Risk of Heart Diseases

During exercise, all your muscles are working, including the heart muscle. Regular training is good for the heart; your pulse rate decreases, which indicates an improvement in your heart’s performance. However, in the case of irregular training or an abrupt increase in weights, you can experience problems such as the hypertrophy of the heart muscles, arteriosclerosis of blood vessels, and lowering blood pressure. Even children are prone to heart diseases. In fact, sports, drugs, and obesity are known risk factors for pediatriac cardiac arrest. Child athletics ought to be monitored during their training sections, because strenuous physical activity can strain an already delicate heart.

  1. Risk of Menstrual Disorders

If you’re female, this can be a serious problem. Look at professional athletes; because of their enormous physical exertion, they often have problems with their thyroid gland functioning, as their body directs all force to recovery after training. These women are constantly experiencing excessive stress and fatigue, which leads to hormonal imbalance and menstrual disorders. The problems can start from having irregular periods to having heavy cycles. During the heavy menstrual cycle using the right kind of sanitary products can be beneficial. You can look for one of the best sanitary pads in australia or other products in your location.

In short, there are many risks of exercising too intensely. To avoid the dangers, do some research and consult a fitness instructor before starting your training.