4 Quick Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

When it comes to having the time to do a full self-pampering routine every day, it’s something most busy moms will probably agree isn’t possible. Between work and making sure that everyone in the family is taken care of first, it can be difficult just to find time to shower let alone put on any makeup.

However, it’s important to find time for self-care so that you feel good about yourself. Finding a balance between taking time for others as well as giving back to yourself is crucial; otherwise, you’ll eventually reach a burnout.

When it comes to the simplest and most effective beauty tips when you don’t have much time, here are the best. To get you started.



Beauty starts from the inside out, and your skin is a reflection of how well you’re doing on the inside. It’s crucial to have a basic skin routine every day. You should always wash your face and exfoliate. This takes less than 5 minutes and will reduce signs of aging, and smooth the texture of your skin. You could even brighten your skin too, especially if you use a brightening face wash. There are so many benefits to cleaning your face in the morning and evening.

After you wash and exfoliate, you should always follow with a skin product suited for your skin type. Apply a serum and lotion which will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Even though it may take some getting used to incorporate into your schedule, once you see the fantastic results, it will become a part of your day that you never skip.


Undereye Concealer

The eyes are the windows of the soul; therefore if you’ve only slept 4 hours, people are going to see it under your eyes.

One of the best-kept secrets of tired moms on the go who still manage to look fabulous is applying an undereye concealer. A few quick dabs will lighten up the dark circles and give you the appearance of looking like you’re much more awake than you actually are.



After you have applied your skincare routine and a small amount of concealer, a pop of color will give your look the final touch that it needs.

Applying a lipstick ties everything together and gives the illusion that you’ve spent much more time on your makeup than you may have in reality. For less maintenance, consider using a matte lipstick which won’t rub off or need to be reapplied for several hours.


Dry Shampoo

The days when you don’t have time for a full style, dry shampoo can give your hair an extra boost of volume.

A few spritzes at the root of the hair followed with a quick back comb will give you hair instant life. Tie up in a bun or ponytail or throw on a headband and you’re ready to go!