4 Items to Make Extended Bedrest Easier

At some point, most people face periods when they need to stay in bed through the day. Extended bedrest might sound nice at first, but the truth is it quickly becomes boring if you have nothing to occupy your mind. It can also become uncomfortable if you don’t use the right bed and furnishings.

If you expect to face periods of extended bedrest in the future, here are just four things you need to make life easier.

  1. Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed will be a godsend for anyone who needs to spend lots of time in bed. They can be moved up and down to keep the blood flowing and remove pressure points. You can stay slightly elevated during the night to cut down on snoring, and you can adjust until you’re sitting as far up as possible during the day to make reading, watching tv, and eating more comfortable. Additionally, you might want to invest in a quality mattress. Buying a type of mattress that fits you and is comfortable when you are on bedrest can be worthwhile. You can explore different options online by searching ‘Luxury Mattresses‘ and choosing based on your location and requirements.

  1. Overbed Table

An overbed table will cost far less than an adjustable bed, but they can be just as appreciated during periods of extended bed rest. An overbed table extends above your bed, so you’ll have a level storage area without having to worry about knocking things over when you move. If you don’t have an overbed table, you’ll either have to stack items on the bed or constantly lean over to grab things from a bedside cabinet.

  1. Electric Blanket

Lying in bed all day can lead to muscle aches, especially if you suffer from arthritis, but an electric blanket can go a long way towards soothing your discomfort. Heat increases blood flow to the muscles and helps loosen your muscles and joints. Electric blankets also make you feel more relaxed and save you from getting chilly when you aren’t easily able to walk around or put on more layers.

  1. Breathable Bedding

Finally, make sure you pick up some bedding made of breathable material. If you’re going to be in bed all day, you don’t want anything that traps heat or absorbs moisture. Natural materials are often best- you can’t go wrong with organic cotton or silk.