4 Great Summer Job Ideas For Your Teen

Keeping teens busy and out of trouble during the summer is often easier said than done. While most teens would rather lay around and relax during the summer months, they can benefit greatly from making a little money of their own.

As college approaches, it’s good for them to learn the importance of working for everything that they earn. Earning some money of their own to pay for things like clothing, entertainment, or saving up for their own car is a great experience.

So what are some good jobs for teens during the summer? Take a look at some of these ideas.

Food Delivery

If your teen already has their license, then working in food delivery can be an excellent opportunity for them. There are all sorts of companies out there looking to find people to fulfill their customers’ demands for food delivered to their door.

Not only can it provide a steady hourly wage, but depending on what service they work for, tips can prove to be very lucrative.


If there are kids in your neighborhood or you have friends with younger children, it may be a good idea to reach out and ask if they need babysitting services.

Your teen can learn a great sense of responsibility while earning cash at the same time. Often busy parents are eager to get out on the weekends or in the evenings. Teens are the perfect babysitters since they’re still in school and less likely to have plans.

Depending on how many kids they’re watching, they can ask for upwards of $20 an hour. If they do this a few times a week, they can make a considerable amount of income for themselves.
If you want your older teens to get a multi-cultural, international experience, and they seem interested in the same, then consider sending them overseas as an au pair. This kind of job can give them much more responsibility and a lot of worldly exposure, which could really benefit them in the long run. Visit the Go Au Pair website or similar others where you can get more information about how to become an au pair.

Washing Cars

It only takes a short drive on a dusty road for a car to get filthy. Busy adults who want their car clean but don’t have time to drive to the car wash twice a week may love the idea of employing a teen in the neighborhood.

During the warm months, this job is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and get out in the fresh air. Your teen can even team up with other students in their school and build a team of avid car washers.

With a bucket, sponge, and some soap, your teen can make a promising car washing business for themselves. They can even practice their marketing skills by handing out flyers and business cards!

Walking Dogs

Working adults who are also loving pet owners are often eager to pay someone a few bucks to walk their pup while they’re at work.

Walking local dogs is a great way for your teenager to make some extra money while also getting in a workout.