4 Child-Friendly Garden Features For All Ages

A garden is a special part of a home. It’s there that your baby gets their first whiff of a rose, or ventures to have a taste of a juicy apple from your family apple tree. Essentially, the garden is your kids’ first playground, where they get to explore some of the “outside world” and encounter new adventures. Having special features in your garden can contribute to their experiences, and can even help them learn a thing or two.

One of the most enjoyable outdoor features – that most people choose to place in their garden – is a water fountain. Not only is a fountain aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a calming effect, as one embraces the gentle flow of the water. Other fun features include a sandbox, and hopscotch stepping stones, just to name a few. So, let’s have a look at how these, and many other fun additions, can contribute to a playful and teachable atmosphere for your young ones. 

Toddler: A Raised Sandbox

Just like you have a patio area established for your space, why not consider a raised sandbox for your child? One style option includes a raised flower bed or garden next to the sandbox. This choice can serve two practical purposes; firstly, the line of sight from the house is equal to the height of the flower beds. Secondly, you can keep an eye on your child playing in the sandbox while tending to the garden.

 School-Age: Hopscotch Stepping Stones

A standard addition to a home garden is a series of stepping stones to make a pathway. Instead of making a plain trail, why not paint the rocks and put them in a hopscotch pattern? This addition adds a bit of fun and playfulness but also adds a nice play area for your kids.

 School Age: Establish a Themed Garden

Children add an element of fun to our lives. Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this joy into your garden? Although these are small ideas, they come together to build a garden you are proud to show off as a team. Some options for your themed garden include: 

  • Painted rocks with different colors, sayings, and designs
  • Fun pots for growing seedlings and colored fencing for your flowerbed
  • Paint small wooden letters to designate the first initial of the plants in your garden
  • Add figurines to your garden like lawn gnomes or Star Wars characters – these are guaranteed to make it unique
  • Combine colors to make beautiful flora and fauna in the springtime

 Double Digits: Special Part of the Garden

Your child is an essential aspect of your life, so with the addition of a specialized work station, you can teach him or her about the principles of gardening. Let your child completely take charge of a specific section of the garden, or even a planter. Items like succulents and cacti grow in Arizona but don’t require much tending.

 Now…if you could only get your kids interested in your compost pile!