4 Biggest Reasons Families Stress During The Holidays

The holidays are known for being extra stressful for many people. For many families, despite it being a joyful time of year, it can also be full of high anxiety.

So, what is it that most people agree is the most chaotic about the holiday season? Here are some of the most common reasons for holiday stress. 

Not Planning Early Enough

One of the most practical ways to avoid stress during the holidays is to plan ahead as much as possible. You may feel pressed for time and unsure of what to buy your dad if you wait until Christmas Eve.

However, when you give yourself plenty of time for preparation, you feel the pressure of the holidays much less.

Whether it’s organizing your family white elephant exchange or coordinating a holiday party, it’s never too soon to start preparing.  

Get organized, prioritize which tasks are the most important, and by all means, avoid any last-minute scrambling. 

Not Being Able To Afford Gifts

There is a ton of pressure coming at people from the media during the holiday season. You may feel like you have to spend thousands on gifts to be able to make each person in your family happy. However, not everyone has the resources to buy everything that they’d like to be able to buy at Christmas.

Consider making an agreement with your family that no one spends over a certain amount. Alternatively, you may decide to pool money to buy each member of the family a gift collectively. You might even decide to make handmade gifts one year! 

Even though it’s hard to remember sometimes, ultimately, Christmas is about family and making memories, not about how much you spend. 

Expectations Set Too High

There are so many expectations that come with the holidays, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in putting extra pressure on yourself. Lower your expectations rather than expecting everything to be perfect and reinvest yourself

Focus on living in the moment. Be grateful for what you do have rather than fixating on what you don’t have. Not only will you stress less, but you’ll have a much better experience overall!

Butting Heads With Other Family Members

You may not spend that much time with your family on a regular basis throughout the year. Therefore, at Christmas time, when you are around your family more than usual, it’s easy to butt heads.  

Families aren’t always perfect. They may be overly critical or ask too many questions that make you uncomfortable. Perhaps you have opposing political views. Even though you may not necessarily hang out with these kinds of people in the real world, they are your family. Choose your battles and avoid getting in arguments!