4 Big Family Decisions With Significant Consequences

As an adult with a family, you will be tasked with making decisions all the time. Most decisions are reasonably small and routine. However, there will be some during your life that are particularly consequential. These important choices are going to be the ones that you have to think long and hard about before acting on, and you should recognize that what you choose will affect the people around you.

So what are some of these big family decisions that you may end up making? Going through a divorce might be one. Relocating where you live is another huge one. If you decide to send a child to college, several significant things happen from that, both financially and socially. And, if you choose to bring an aging parent into your home to care for them as they get older, that will make a big difference in your daily life.


Probably the biggest decision that a single person can make that affects their entire family is if they decide to get a divorce. The decision to get a divorce is never an easy one, especially since there will be some people in your family who really want you to do it, and others who really don’t. Especially if you have children, going through a divorce can affect them differently depending on how old they are and how close they are to each of their parents.

Relocating Home Base

If you decide to move your family to a new home, that is a definite upheaval in anybody’s life. Not only will everyone in the family have to pack up all of their things, but they will have to expect that life will be different in this new location, including if they have to make new friends or go to new schools. Relocating is sometimes about geography, sometimes about finances, and sometimes about following a new career. But regardless of the reasons, it is a very stressful event for everyone.

Sending a Child To College

If you choose to send a child to college, that is going to be a hit on several levels to your family. First of all, college is extremely expensive, and it will put you and your child in debt significantly depending on the cost of tuition. Beyond that, you will now have an empty room and other empty spaces in your home that need to be filled with other things. Sending a child to college is a positive event, but some of the associated emotional consequences can be difficult to deal with.

Accepting Aging Parents Into the Mix

A final example of family decisions that make a significant effect on everyone would be your aging parents. Instead of sending a parent to a nursing home or retirement community, you could think about leaving them in their own home and getting them a caregiver. By looking into Senior Home Care in Lehigh Valley, you could find your parents a caregiver that is a similar age to provide the essential care that they need, whilst also allowing them to create a friendship to keep them communicating. That might be a better option, however, you could also have them live with you. It might change the entire dynamic of a household. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on the personalities involved, but at the very least it is a dramatic change.