4 Awesome Musical Experiences for Your Kids

Music can be a huge part of your children’s lives if you let it be. There are all sorts of excellent musical experiences that you can invite them into, but it does take a little bit of awareness on your part, and you may need to use the power of suggestion depending on the general attitudes that your children have about music and musical activities.

Four things, in particular, might come to mind quickly. First, you can have your kids learn the piano. It is an excellent introduction to musicality. Next, maybe you all want to learn how to sing together, and you can join a choir. If you go to church, the choirs there are an excellent stress-free opportunity. Depending on the age level of your child, maybe they want to join a marching band and go to a marching band camp. For as much as these are made fun of in popular culture, they are fantastic musical experiences.

And finally, at the age-appropriate level, you can take your kids to concerts. Relaxed events where you can sit on the lawn and watch a band play are excellent examples.

Learning Piano

From a very early age, kids can learn to play the piano. It doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Even having a small electric keyboard around that they can play with will get them started. You can learn so much about music by playing with the piano, and it is a skill and a pleasure that can stay with children through the rest of their lives.

Joining a Choir

If a piano or other instrument isn’t necessarily your thing, what about joining a choir? Everyone can sing. It’s very rare that a person is tone deaf to the point where they can’t understand pitches at all. Because of this, singing is a neutral experience that everyone can enjoy and get better at. It is not to say that everyone is going to be a famous opera singer or rock star. It simply means that the musical aspect of singing is a very powerful and pleasant experience for everyone.

Marching Band Camp

In most schools these days, as children get into middle school or high school years, they can join a marching band. The classroom experience is one thing, but if they go to marching band camp, it will open up a whole new level of development. Having structured time to work with an ensemble like this in an organized manner can be a turning point for kids that want to discover their musical abilities. Some schools may offer this sort of opportunity to their students, however, many children across America don’t actually have access to a musical education. To try and resolve this, music foundations like Save the Music are trying to bring musical opportunities to more students, allowing them to join marching bands.

Going To Concerts

As long as it is age-appropriate, you can take your kids to concerts to share with them what a musical experiences on a public level. It can be a great community event for members of a city to all come together in a comfortable environment and listen to local bands. Kids at a certain level will decide if they like drums or guitars or vocals, and it can be a life-changing experience.