32 Beach Themed Wedding Ideas for 2018 Brides

A beach wedding can be a beautiful and romantic way to get married. The sound of the ocean waves crashing along the shore sets a soothing mood. The beach also provides a wonderful natural backdrop that needs little extra decoration.

Different event service companies offer location-specific wedding packages, similar to this navarre beach wedding package. They may include an officiant, permit arrangements, chairs, photography, catering options and more to make planning easier for the couple. Besides these, they also provide some popular beach decor ideas such as lining the aisle with seashells or lanterns, having a driftwood arch or bamboo chuppah where the vows are exchanged, and using seashells or starfish for table centerpieces. All this can give you a better idea of how the wedding is going to look like, and accordingly, you could plan the other elements of the event, such as the dresses, the flowers, the Wedding Invitations, and even the music. This can help give the whole thing a cohesive fit in terms of theme.

Additionally, after the beachside ceremony, the celebration can move to the reception area. This area can be on a patio overlooking the ocean or under a tent. Twinkling lights are often strung overhead to set the atmosphere for the evening festivities. Centerpieces usually incorporate elements like starfish, sand dollars, sea glass or coral to go with the beach vibe. Some fun touches include a photo booth area with beach inspired props and flip flops for dancing to add a unique touch. Serving fresh local seafood, tropical cocktails and showing a beach inspired montage during the reception are also popular for a beach wedding. With a gorgeous view and embracing the natural elements, beach weddings can create wonderful memories for the couple and guests.

Beach themes are one of the most fun themes for a wedding where you get to be creative with the décor, dress, makeup, flowers from your local florist like in Sydenham, and so much more! Here are some cool ideas to get you started.

  1. Sea world inspired jewelry

The brides can wear stone chokers or chains with sea horse or starfish shapes as lockets.

  1. All turquoise flowers

For your wedding, go for all turquoise colored flowers. Browse through websites like wholeblossoms to check your flower options.

  1. Mother of pearl ring box

Replace the ring box with mother of pearl shaped ring boxes. They’re cute and go very well with the beach theme!

  1. Starfish bouquet

With your bridal bouquet, add a starfish shaped figure in the middle. It’s the perfect accessory for your bouquet.

  1. Sky Lanterns

At night before you leave for your honeymoon, flying some sky lanterns by the beach would be a lovely sight.

  1. Arches with pearls

Decorate your wedding arch with light blue drapes and layers of pearls.

  1. Flowing wedding gowns

Flowing and lightweight gowns look very graceful for beach themed weddings. Let the ocean wind flow through your hair and lovely dress!

  1. Curls and flowers

For your hairstyle, you can go for curls at the ends and set some wholeblossom flowers in between to add some color.

  1. No shoes

Embrace the nature and sandy beach with bare foot rather than wearing shoes. This makes the event even more intimate, plus you get to stay true to your theme as well.

  1. Floral crown

A customized crown with flowers, seashells and some pearls would give you a complete beach look.

  1. Pearls on cake

Thinking of a way to decorate your cake? You can use edible flowers and pearl shaped fondants on your cake as the décor.

  1. Large anklets

If you are planning to go barefoot, large anklets would look gorgeous on feet with flowing or short dresses.

  1. Food arrangements in shell

For the buffet dinner, instead of name tags, write down the menu items on seashells.

  1. Natural makeup

A natural and subtle make-up with winged eyeliner would be perfect for your beach look.

  1. Sea-inspired centerpieces

For the centerpieces, use small wine glasses with starfish shaped or sea horse figures and seashells inside.

  1. Silk petal garlands

Silk petal garlands would look marvelous on aisle for beach themed weddings.

  1. Mini fireworks

For some fancy photographs with your girl gang, mini fireworks will look great on the camera during night at beach.

  1. Mermaid inspired gowns

You will look absolutely stunning if you choose to wear mermaid inspired gowns on the beach. If you can’t find one in stores, getting one customized would be a worthy investment for the event of a lifetime!

  1. Natural boutonnieres

Some natural elements for the boutonniere would look great on the groom.

  1. Cozy Lounge space

At the beachside, create a cozy lounge space for you and your close friends to enjoy.

  1. Sea-inspired hairpins

You can get sea inspired stone hairpins if you plan on dressing your hair as twirling braids. Add some wholeblossoms flowers too!

  1. Silvery, ivory and beige colors

For the colors of beach weddings, shades of silver, ivory and beige colors are our favorite from the palette.

  1. Cinderella inspired slipper

If you don’t want to go barefoot, that’s absolutely fine too. Cinderella inspired sandals or slippers would look great with flowing gowns.

  1. Rainbow themed décor

For daylight beach weddings, rainbow theme would be a wonderful idea to go with!

  1. Surfing themed décor

Incorporate your surfing theme by sending invitations, seating arrangements and everything on surfing board shaped cards.

  1. Scrolled paper wedding invitation

You can also send your wedding invitations on scrolling paper just the way kings and queens did back then!

  1. Butterfly theme

For your bridesmaids and flower girls, butterfly themed dress would match perfectly with your flowing gown.

  1. Fairy lights on ceiling

Fairy lights for your fairytale night! Tiny fairy lights on the aisle would create a great romantic look on the beach.

  1. Bubble shaped glasses

Create fake water bubble with bubble shaped glasses for your wedding photo booth.

  1. Turquoise umbrellas

If it’s sunny on the beach, turquoise colored umbrellas for you and your bridesmaids would be great idea for a cool, relaxed look.

  1. Starfish invites

You can also get extra creative with the invites by sending them starfish shaped handmade cards.

  1. Garden inspired theme

With wholeblossom flowers, you can create an artificial garden at one corner on the beach that would look absolutely gorgeous both on and off camera.

If you are planning on beach themed wedding, using one or more of these interesting ideas is a good head start. You can even incorporate your own ideas and make your wedding day a day to remember, not just for your partner, but for everyone as well. Good luck!