3 Toys That Are Almost Too Dangerous For Children

As a parent, you want your kids to have fun and enjoy the things they’re doing. However, safety often trumps any fun that your kids might be having. But despite this, there are many toys out there that have caused a lot of physical harm to many kids. And while you might think that these toys would quickly be taken off the market, you can still get them at almost any store and give them to children of almost any age. So to help you make smarter choices about the toys you have for your kids to play with, here are three toys that are almost too dangerous for children to play with.

Toys With Wheels

Depending on the age, balance, and agility of your child, any type of toy that has wheels can be very dangerous. As your children get older and more mature, they will likely be able to handle these types of toys better, but there’s still always the risk of them getting seriously hurt. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, some of the biggest culprits of toys with wheels causing injuries to children include tricycles and non-powered scooters. The reason these toys cause a lot of injuries is because they’re usually meant for younger children. However, kids these ages often don’t have the necessary skills and abilities to safely use them.  


Another toy that’s popular among children but that has been known to cause many broken bones and other types of injuries is a trampoline. While measures have been taken to try to make these toys safer, like putting a net around the outer perimeter of the toy, much of the danger is still there. According to Mary Brophy Marcus, a contributor to CBS News, most children use trampolines with other kids. When this happens, it’s usually the smallest of the children who ends up getting hurt because they get bounced too much by the bigger kids. This can cause injuries such as broken bones, concussions, burn, and other serious neck or back injuries.


While pools can be a great way to cool off in the summer, they can also be very dangerous for children. According to BabyGaga.com, pools are especially dangerous when they are meant for very young children, like with baby pools. Children and babies can drown in only two inches of water, so if you’re going to allow your children to play around pools, regardless of their size, make sure you’re keeping a very close eye on them at all times.

To help keep your kids safe and free from scary and harmful injuries, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pick the right toys for your kids to be playing with.