3 Tips For Bringing A New Child Into Your Family

Your family is likely the one group of people that you both love more than anyone else but also have to work the hardest to deal with on a consistent basis. Because family dynamics can be difficult to manage, part of you might be dreading any kind of addition to your family, be it a new baby or an adoption, if only due to how hard this new adjustment may be to make.

But just because the transition might challenging doesn’t mean that bringing a new child into your family can’t be an amazing experience that will eventually bless the lives of everyone for the better. So to help ensure that this outcome happens sooner rather than later, here are three tips for bringing a new child in your family.  

Do Things As A Group

Once this new child has arrived, Dr. Jennifer Schroff Pendley, a contributor to KidsHealth.org, advises that you try to do as much as you can as a group. While you might feel your attention drawn primarily to this new child, it’s important that you don’t allow any other family members to feel excluded or forgotten about.

If the new child is a small baby, try to encourage your older children or other family member to be as involved with the baby as they’re able. And in the event of adoptions, ensure that you as the parent are always around your new addition so that he or she can bond with you as well as the rest of your family.

Realize That You Might Have New Behavioral Issues To Deal With

As part of bringing a new child into your family, you should be prepared for some potential backlash for the children you already have at home. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s common for older children to act out with behavioral issues as a form of attention seeking. This bad behavior will likely first have you feeling frustrated rather than willing to give your child more attention.

To combat this, the Mayo Clinic recommends that you ignore this behavior as much as possible. By doing this, your child may stop this behavior on their own and look for other, more healthy ways that they can solicit the attention that they want from you.

Be Ready To Do The Work

Bringing a new person, especially a child, into your home can be a lot of work. So before you commit to taking this on, make sure you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to build these relationships and make your work. And remember, as Gina Shaw, a contributor to WebMD.com, shares: it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

If you’re thinking about adding to your family soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help make this transition easier on everyone involved.