3 reasons you must choose clip-on ties for custom school ties

Many schools throughout the United Kingdom include ties as part of their school uniform. It is most popular within secondary level schools and can play a large role in the way children perceive uniform in these early years.

Designing a tie to be part of your school uniform can be a great way add some professionality to your school as well as help students learn some vital life lessons in the process. To follow are three reasons why you should consider ties for your school and instead of choosing self-tie ties, the reasons you should opt for clip-on ties too.

  1. Easy to wear

Most children at the age they are during school will not have learnt how to tie a tie yet. Having clip-on ties reduces the stress of having to learn how to tie one.

If a student isn’t very good at tying their tie then they could get mocked for have a skewed tie, this can cause issues and cause friction within the school environment. The aim is to bring the students together not give them more reasons to have it out with each other.

  1. Consistent

The meaning of the word ‘uniform’ is: ‘remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character.’

If all of your ties look exactly the same due to being clip-ons, they remain to fall underneath the definition of what uniform should be.

But if students were to tie their own, they would lack consistency and the uniform could be left looking less than what is defined as being uniform.

  1. Safety

The other great thing about clip on ties is that they adhere to health and safety rules and regulations to a high standard.

Self-tie ties are a hazard as they can be pulled and tightened very easily. This can be extremely dangerous as if they are pulled to hard they can be difficult to loosen and may strangle or suffocate the wearer of the tie.

To purchase your own clip-on ties for your school, head over to James Morton. You can use their tie designer software to sketch out an idea of what you would like and then a member of their super friendly team will be in touch to help you with your order.