3 Fun Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Family

Christmas can be a magical time for families. Especially if you have little ones still living at home, seeing the wonder and joy of the season through their eyes can really take you back to Christmases from your own childhood. 

What can make these times together even more enjoyable is if you and your family have traditions that you can participate in and look forward to all year long. So to help you find some great ones to add to your bucket list this December, here are three fun Christmas traditions to start with your family. 

Devote Time To Christmas Music

Nothing brings the spirit of the season quite like Christmas music. But for many young kids, some of the classic Christmas songs aren’t as well known or beloved as they might be for you. 

To help get everyone on the same page, Arricca Sansone and Jennifer Aldrich, contributors to Country Living, recommend that you spend some time listening to the classic Christmas songs together. This can be done just as you’re all hanging out at home doing other activities or by gathering around the piano to pluck out the songs together. Whichever way you choose, devoting some of your time to listening to Christmas music together will help your children recall these wonderful memories each time they hear these songs during future Christmas seasons. 

Start Collecting Ornaments

One tradition that many families have is decorating a Christmas tree together. And while it can be fun to put on new ornaments each year, but can be an even more meaningful tradition is if you start this year by beginning a collection of ornaments that you reuse for each subsequent Christmas.

If you’re able to start a tradition of collecting ornaments from the time your kids are young, Melissa Willets, a contributor to Parents.com, shares that you could even have your kids create some of their own ornaments that they can then look back on years later. Creating ornaments and filling your tree with them could quickly become everyone’s favorite Christmas tradition. 

Scope Out The Best Christmas Lights

If you live in an area where people are particularly excited about Christmas, then scoping out the Christmas lights on the homes and buildings in your area could be a great tradition to start. Whether you do this on Christmas eve or on various days throughout December, Southern Living shares that bundling up together and admiring the beautiful holiday lights of your town is an amazing way to get into the Christmas spirit. 

To help your family find and start some new Christmas traditions this holiday season, consider using the tips mentioned above to incorporate some of our ideas into your celebrations this year.