3 Family Outings: Technology NOT Included

In today’s world, it’s almost necessary to have some sort of technology to make it through the day. We use it at work to complete projects and keep track of files and other data, our children write their papers on computers and turn them in by email or flash drive, and almost everyone has a cell phone. However, at the end of the day, when you all sit down to dinner, this trend doesn’t seem to end.

There are many families that struggle to interact on a personal basis with each other. Some families even text each other from another room in the same house! Below are three family outings that could relieve your family of the burden of technology, if only for a little while, and help you reconnect.

Go Camping

It’s fall time again and the weather is perfect for camping. We’re not not talking about modern camping, either. Take your family on an old fashioned camping trip. Build your own fires, roast marshmallows, catch your own dinner by fishing or hunting, and use actual sleeping bags on the floor of your tent to sleep in.

Bring oil lanterns for light and a shovel and toilet paper to handle restroom issues. Of course, it’s a smart idea to have at least one way to get a hold of reality in case of an emergency, but keep it put up otherwise. No RV. No computers, cell phones, blow dryers, or outlets, for that matter.

Take your family and disappear into the woods for a week. Not only will you build some amazing memories together, you will be teaching your children, and possibly yourself, how to live without technology should the event ever happen that they need to. This way, they can be one of the few who can take care of themselves and lead others, as well.

Take A Sailing Trip

Does your family love the water? Take a sailing trip. Make sure that you and your family have the skill to sail or take a guide, but this outing is bound to be a blast. You and your children may not even think about technology while you are out. Go and enjoy the sun, wind, and the time spent together.

If you are able to sail the boat yourself, spend time teaching your family to work together to get it done and praise them for their efforts. Even the youngest sailor can begin to learn basic sailing terms such as aft, bow, port, and starboard.

A sailing trip is bound to teach your children there are more important things than discussing what color they are going to dye their hair next or how awesome the newest video game is.

Play A Game

No, we’re not talking about a board game, although family game night is something every family should invest in every once in awhile. There is a new type of puzzle game: the “escape the room” game. In these role playing games, there are several scenarios. You could be a detective from the 1800’s trying to figure out a mystery.

You could also play the scenario of the Apollo 13 mission and attempt to get the astronauts home safely. Either way, this a great way to spend 90 technology free minutes with your family, working together to solve a common problem.

When the problem is solved, you will find your way out of the room. There is a guide with you throughout the scenario if you need or request help. This is a huge opportunity to build the bonds between each other and make memories that will last a lifetime. . . without technology.

Your family is the most important aspect of your life. Raising them in a world run by technology is difficult. Take these ideas and show them a more simple, more meaningful time.