10 Reasons Your Baby Won’t Sleep and How to Cope

The term “sleep like a baby,” is misleading. Babies sleep a lot, but they also wake up frequently and don’t sleep through the night. Perhaps your baby does fine for a few nights, then has a spell where they can’t or won’t sleep. Here’s why it might be happening and some ways you can cope with the frustration and fatigue.

1. They’re Uncomfortable

You can’t sleep when you aren’t comfortable, so it makes sense that your baby won’t either. Make sure they have a pair soft and breathable boys pyjamas that keep them

warm, but not hot. A firm crib mattress is also important.

2. They’re Overtired

You’d think that an overtired baby would sleep better, but that’s not always the case. Being overtired can make it harder for your baby to fall asleep. Sticking to a consistent sleep routine should help.

3. They’re Overstimulated

Being overstimulated keeps your baby from being able to settle down and fall asleep. Limit sounds, lights and activities before bed and be sure you have a bedtime routine that helps your baby wind down before sleep.

4. There’s No Nap Schedule

Babies won’t be awake all day and will need a consistent nap schedule to promote good sleep patterns. Put your baby down before they’re too tired to teach them to soothe themself to sleep. Avoid naps too close to bedtime so you don’t disrupt the entire pattern.

5. You Use a Sleep Prop

A sleep prop is anything that you give your baby to get them to sleep. It could be a pacifier, rocking them until they are asleep or nursing them to sleep. Relying on this prop can make it hard for your little one to sleep without it.

6. They Have a Medical Condition

The most common is acid reflux, which makes your baby uncomfortable and can interfere with good sleep. If you think this is the issue, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

7. They Can’t Put Themself to Sleep

If your baby can’t put themself back to sleep when they wake, you’re going to be tending to them often. In addition to a comfortable pair of boys pyjamas, be sure you put your baby down when he’s drowsy, not asleep. That way he learns to soothe himself into slumber.

8. They’re Hungry

Babies wake up when they are hungry, no matter what time it is. As babies get older, solid foods can help keep them full long enough to sleep through the night. Talk to your doctor/health visitor about the right time to introduce them to your baby.

9. They’re Hot or Cold

This goes along with comfort, as mentioned above. If your baby is feeling hot or cold, they won’t be able to sleep. Be sure you keep the temperature in the room comfortable and dress your little one appropriately.

10. They’re Growing

Often babies sleep less when they are in the midst of a developmental milestone. Their bodies are working on new skills and sleep tends to take a backseat temporarily. In this case, do the best you can to stick to your sleep routine.