Five Usable Additions Every Living Room Needs

What does your living room look like? Do you have the comforts you need to relax, enjoy a book, or watch your favorite show? Is it a safe space for your kids to get up and play video games or learn to walk?

When it comes to a living room that is fun for the whole family you need space, for one thing, but there is more to it than that. You want your home to look like a place where all are welcome and anyone can feel at home. Here are some usable things to include in your living room that will help the whole family feel comfortable.

Throw Pillows

One great accent for any living room, and even for some bedrooms, is the throw pillow. Throw pillows give you a pillow for relaxing, propping yourself up on, or even for tossing on the floor for a nap or little butts. They also can add style and color to a room.

You can find throw pillows of all sizes and styles. You can even easily make your own, with or without a sewing machine. While you’re making them create a few for each of the people in your home (princesses for little girls, or even superheroes for both boys and girls, and something the man of the house will like too).

Throw Blankets

A nice throw blanket over the back of your couch or recliner (or both) gives you a little blanket for napping or just for keeping warm. You can use this to add an accent color to your room, pull a less dominant color from your carpet, or even get one that matches the curtains. This is another item you can buy or you can make it on your own (a great project to do with kids).

Table Lamps

You’re going to need some mood lighting, or at least some lighting to read by. That means investing in a table lamp or two. Pick something that goes well with your home and decor. You don’t want it to stand out (unless that’s your thing).

Safe Tables

If your home is in fact home to children you want to make sure it is a safe space for them. That means having tables and other furniture that isn’t going to hurt them. That begins with anchoring large things, like shelving and entertainment centers.

Preventing falls from little ones climbing is not the only protection. Safe tables, meaning ones with rounded corners or some padding on the corners, are a must. It will prevent injury with toddlers and kids running and having fun.


Rugs are great for protecting carpets, hardwood floors, and even little knees. Your rugs can also add a little color to your rooms if it’s feeling somewhat drab. Plus, if you get tired of it, you can just roll it up and toss it into the closet.